Magic Folding Design

Simple one-handed fold • Always clean on top • Compact storage

Campervan/ RV mat.

Easy to fold up with just one hand.

simple, magic folding design.

The top side magically stays clean!


Adventure Mat in Action

All-Season • Grippy Surface • Durable • Multi-Use

Easy to Clean • Quick-drying • Reusable


A clean surface wherever you go

How many times have you arrived at a campground, trailhead or ski resort only to find yourself at the back of the car doing a balancing act on top of your shoes while you try to change into your gear without getting your feet dirty or wet?

We believe the Adventure Mat is the ultimate solution to this annoying problem. It's the smart way to change outdoors – simple to use, always clean on top, and when you’re done it can be folded up with just one hand and tucked away. No awkward balancing or mess. Plus, there are countless other uses for the Adventure Mat, from showering and laying out gear to preparing meals and sitting down on it.

Enjoying the outdoors just got that much more enjoyable.


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