That new sweet moment when you change out of your gear.

There is a small, sweet moment that all outdoor enthusiasts share. You reach the trailhead after a long hike or run in the mountains, step off your bike after hours of riding, ski or board back to your car after a long day in uncomfortable ski boots, and change out of your gear. We all know this feeling! Your feet are tired, sore, and sweaty. Is there anything better than tugging off your boots and peeling the socks off your exhausted feet?

Instead of enjoying that moment fully, you're now awkwardly balancing on your shoes to avoid the mud, dirt, or snow. The serene flow of endorphins is interrupted by frustration as you fall off your shoes, get your feet dirty, and try to regain your balance. Luckily, there is a better way to change out of your gear - get yourself an Adventure Mat. 

 Pull your Adventure Mat out of your backpack or car and open it with a mere flick of your wrist. Remove your boots, whip off your socks, and stand comfortably on your clean mat. Give your feet a rest and soak up the last few moments of your adventure. Wiggle your toes, let your feet dry, and feel the fresh air. What was previously an awkward ending to your day is now a relaxing and enjoyable moment. Your dry socks and comfy shoes will feel better than ever before.

When you're ready, quickly and easily fold up your Adventure Mat with one hand and place it back in your car or bag. The top side always stays clean for next time! There are so many uses for the Adventure Mat in addition to changing out of gear. Use it as another clean surface around the campsite including a door mat for your tent; use it to unpack and organize gear, food, and valuables like camera equipment; take it to a picnic or outdoor concert; or simply keep your feet clean in public showers. The options are endless. 

The Adventure Mat makes for clean, comfy, and happy feet wherever you go.