About Adventure Mat

Compact Clean Grippy Reusable Simple Quick-drying

I love outdoor adventures, especially mountain biking, trail running and skiing. But switching in and out of my gear at trailheads and parking lots has always been a hassle. It’s just not fun to have to balance on your shoes or use a newspaper, car mat or towel to change in and out of your socks, shoes and boots. 

Last year, I started working on a solution and invented the Adventure Mat, a lightweight rubber surface that quickly folds into a compact 7x7-inch square with the use of just one hand, while never getting dirty on top. You can keep it in your car or bag and quickly pull it out as a clean refuge for your feet while you change your shoes, ski boots and clothes. Hang out barefoot in your lawn chair to drink a cold beverage after the ride, take a shower at camp or dust off your sandy feet at the beach on this easy-to-pack mat.

I am really happy with the prototypes that I’ve developed and tested so far but I want to make something that many of you will enjoy as well. So this fall we're launching Adventure Mat as a project on Kickstarter so that we can make it widely available to everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Thank you for your support!

Ralph Kuhlmeier
Boulder, Colorado